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With the business experience of over 25 Years, we, Shree Vishwakarma Industries, are perceived as the avant-garde provider of Wooden Crates, Wooden Cable Drum, Wooden Boxes, etc. These are manufactured from premium grade wood that we obtain from trusted businesses of the market. Seamless finishing, durability, resistance from termites and dimensional exactness are the main characteristics of our products. Our every product is immensely utilized n packaging and construction industries because of their best in class quality. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we are satisfying the demands of our patrons in most feasible way. Moreover, through our amazing products, lucidity in commerce dealings and reasonable business practices, we are rejoicing a whooping success with decent sales volume. 

We operate a 24/7 service to ensure our customers can continue their business uninterrupted. In short – you can rely on SVI.



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SVI Wooden Pallet

Meet our benefits

We can provide any pallet to meet your needs from reconditioned pallets to bespoke pallets – if we can’t deliver no one can.

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    Professional Makers

    largest pallet suppliers, providing new wooden pallets, heat treated pallets at highly competitive prices.

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    Best wooden materials

    We use the best materials and every pallet we collect will be checked over to ensure it’s strength and dependability.

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    Best Technologies

    Our facilities deal with over 6,000 pallets per week with a huge stock of available pallets for delivery.

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    Guarantee of durability

    Any visible or suspected faults are swiftly replaced in our dedicated workshop before being approved ready for delivery.

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    Individual approach

    A small team manage the daily restoration process to ensure each pallet delivered is in perfect shape for your needs.

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    Eco Friendly

    Using timber from sustainable sources we can manufacture pallets to any specification with eco friendly.

Our Wood

What materials we use

Every pallet we manufacture will be checked over to ensure it’s strength and dependability.

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When we build a Pallet, we do it as if for ourselves, it makes you happy

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