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  • According To transport, with breakable ISPM 15 Packaging pallets can cause extensive product damage: In the Worms found in imported wood can threaten the tree population of any country and also it can create a threat to the entire ecosystem.

  • For Worms found in imported wood, the International plant protection convention (IPPC) has launched by the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) affected with international standard for phytosanitary measurement fifteen (ISPM-15). It is the organization of reuniting and international organization of phytocenetic measures by specifying the treatments allowed to destroy the organisms that damage general Jungle. With the help of technical rules and regulation, all ISPM -15 production and repair operations are fixed to comply with the ISPM-15 standard wood. 

  • EPL pallet is natural and environmentally friendly this is treatment applied with ISPM 15 also not use any chemicals. With Heat Treatment (HT), the ISPM 15 pallets is to treatments chamber, in which the wood is heated. The main temperature of the wood must reach minimum 56°C at least 30 minutes. It eliminates all harmful organisms with the possibility of attacking standing plants.

    ISPM 15 Packaging Pallets – Key facts

    • ISPM 15 is for international standards of phytocenetic measurement for packaging of wood in international movement of goods.
    • ISPM 15 committed by 182 countries. 
    • At present, wood pests are introduced in the exotic ecosystem.
    • All ISPM-15 pallets are treated according to ISPM-15.