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value Engineering Packaging

If you are thing your packing is effective or not about packing cost. Then, that is one of thing you says for completely sure. That is your packaging being constratructed using optimal, material, techniques or construction. 
In that fact, when many packing companies face problems of packaging performance, then just specify both the content and design to use. Effectively, they actually use more robust materials than needed, to ensure that transit losses or other performance issues will be eliminated.

We provide solutions that simplify logistics, reduce costs and increase profits for our clients.

Here we are discussion about the values of engineering approach for pallets. By adopting engineering approaches for your new or existing packaging, your business and industry can benefits from valuable cost without your business can benefit from significant cost savings without extricating quality and performance. The value engineering packaging as known. 

  • 01: How it Can Reduce Costs.
        In such a way that the packaging of engineers can affect your packaging costs.
    • By working with SVI, Your business can take lot valuable advantage of a major component of engineering packaging - which is known as theoretical compression test.
    • By considering several components, in which the content, dimension, product is being taken, construction, how high it should be and many other criteria, specific performance of each new packaging design can be accurately calculated.
    • If it is found that your packaging is over-specified, so by switching the material, or by changing the construction (It is efficiently use of materials or to add strength) the cost can be reduced. This is definitely the balance within specified display tolerance.
    • Even if the current performance level is correct, cost savings and even storage space savings can be used by re-specifying the products used and reduction in packaging costs again. It not only involves using different materials but also eliminating secondary packaging. 
    • By taking an engineering approach to packaging design and specification, it ensures that you will only notice a difference – the cost during one year, cost savings can often run in thousands of pounds, without reducing all packaging process. 

Indirectly Cost Saving For Your Business:

With including the above costs – Received effectively through maximum content efficiency, indirect cost is a number of savings that makes it convenient.
Using a low grade of material can save the space required for storage and transport. More boxes will fit on a pallet.
Another advantage is that less weight of packaging can also help reduce your transportation costs.
Light weight content is better for the environment because there is less material for disposable and / or recycles.

Adding strength and performance to packaging. Regardless of the obvious advantage in value engineering packaging, the inverse can often be true.
It may be that your packaging is not performing well enough in transit to prevent damage. Using the both factors such as software and expertise, SVI can analyze the experienced failures and apply concrete engineering regulation to achieve the required performance level for your packaging.
It usually involves analyzing material data including edge crush and burst strength but can also involve practical, controlled transit trials. Whenever this process can be done in some cases, ultimately it is necessary to add additional costs to packaging, in many cases it does not happen.
Either way, less breakage in transit will save the savings and lost customers, giving significant opportunities for your business to decrease in costs.
Please click here for further details how you can solve the problems that you are experiencing with transit loss.


Possible benefits through adopting an engineering approach to packaging design.

Along with the use of intelligent engineering to reduce costs, there are often other, similar ways in which you can reduce your packaging expenses by using value engineering packaging strategies.

In addition to the standard range of packging you can offer a unique library of structural designs to SVI. These are constantly developed and refined to save businesses like yours, while providing an estimated, proven level of performance.

This novel design library offers cost-effective solutions for a very wide spectrum of product types.

In addition, by combining simple or slowmoving lines, rationalizing your packaging list can benefit you from scale and low cost economies. Reducing packing time and reducing shipping costs is also a clear, solid advantage for your costs.

Whenever these strategies generally go hand-by-hand, they can be obtained only with a systematic, engineering approach. This is where the SVI is working with the veteran; the award-winning design team can maximize the benefits of your business.

Working with you at all stages of the process, your packaging requirement will be thoroughly analyzed to ensure the right balance between cost and performance for a particular app.


·         All methods can benefit you from price engineers packaging.

·         Intelligent use of materials to reduce costs.

·         Structural designs that maximize content / performance capability.

·         Analyze existing or new packaging to ensure the correct specification.

·         Due to less physical use, the cost of storage, load (transit cost) and disposal costs.

·         Proven designs that will not compromise with performance in transit

·         Compliment other cost savings strategies